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1. Purchase

  • At Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation (DRMC), we are committed to offering a vast array of mortgage lending products. Our experienced team will help determine the best loan options to fit your short and long term goals, as well as your payment and equity objectives. In an ever-changing industry, product knowledge is key to successfully evaluating your financial situation. Our extensive training programs, state and federal licensing processes and array of products have distinguished DRMC loan officers from others in the industry.

  • Closing costs vary based on a number of factors. DRMC will quote a Lending Estimate for out-of- pocket costs, prepaid expenses, application fees, title insurance, origination fees, and discount points. A down payment is not included in a Lending estimate because these costs vary based on the amount of money borrowed, the location of the property, and the type of mortgage program. At DRMC, we make it a priority to keep costs as low as possible.

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2. Refinancing

  • There are many reasons why refinancing your mortgage may be beneficial. You can possibly shorten the term of your mortgage, lower your monthly payment, or even take out money based on your property’s equity. Those currently in an Adjustable Rate Mortgage may want to consider refinancing to a fixed rate loan, as well.

    If interest rates have decreased significantly or the value of a property has increased, it may make sense for one to refinance their mortgage. Every borrower’s situation is unique, so if you would like to know if refinancing is right for you, contact your local DRMC Loan Expert today.

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3. Loan Products

  • One of the fastest growing segments in the mortgage industry today is government lending. FHA and VA financing permits low down payments and more flexible guidelines than a conventional mortgage. At DRMC, we pride ourselves in helping borrowers who require a low down payment or have credit challenges. FHA and VA loans are not restricted to first time homebuyers – they are also available for purchase and refinance transactions.

    USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing is another program that allows 100% financing. This county- based program is for low to moderate income families and is established on the HUD “Median Income” for your area.

    In addition to low down payment programs, DRMC also specializes in Conventional / Conforming and Jumbo / Nonconforming financing. These products are geared towards borrowers with larger down payments and higher credit scores.

    DRMC has access to a full suite of Alt QM Products which offer solutions for recent derogatory credit events, nonconforming properties, and cash flow based investor loans. This product also has solutions for self-employed borrowers through a bank statement loan.

    Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation has many complementary products available. Please call one of our lending professionals today for more programs.